P1190 Intake Throttle Actuator — Open or Short Circuit

Описание ошибки P1190
By actuating of flaps in the intake passage the passage at the inlet valve of the cylinder can be narrowed. This reduces the air flow. The flaps in the intake passage are controlled by the intake throttle actuator. Calculation of the duty cycle for the inlet passage shut-off can switched on and off by the function switch of the inlet passage shut off.If the engine speed and the demand quantity + low idle governor exceed certain thresholds, also the MAFS signal must be above a threshold. If this is not the case, the error «flap blocked closed» is recognized. If the engine speed and the control duty cycle exceed certain thresholds, the digital switch of the inlet passage shut off must be actuated. If it is, the error flap blocked open is recognized.
In case of the throttle actuator stuck, the symptoms such as a running engine stall and a starting impossible will occur. If the intake throttle actuator circuit generates open or short, the ECM judges this as a fault and DTC is set.

Возможная причина ошибки P1190
Open or short in power circuit
Open or short in control circuit
Faulty throttle actuator
Faulty ECM

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