B1512 Driver Seat Buckle Switch Short or Short to GND

Описание ошибки B1512
When a vehicle has crashed with a certain degree of frontal impact, the gas generator is made to ignite by the electrical firing signal from SRSCM.Gas from the gas generator causes movement of the piston in the manifold case (cylinder), which operates a rack gear. Finally the webbing is retracted by the rotation of the spool. Therefore the seat belt pretensioner helps to reduce the severity of injury tot he front occupant by retracting the seat belt webbing to prevent the occupant from moving forward and hitting the steering wheel or instrument panel when the vehicle is crashed. The squib circuit consists of SRSCM, clock spring, DAB, PAB, SAB, BPT, BBS, and satellite sensors. If it causes the SRS to deploy when the SRS deployment conditions are satisfied. The above DTC’s are recorded when a B+ short is detected in the squib circuit

Возможная причина ошибки B1512
Open or Short in signal circuit
Component malfunction
Contact resistance in connections

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