B1608 CAN Time-out IPM and SCM

Описание ошибки B1608
All 8 units which consists of the Body Electrical Control System are linked by CAN*¹ line.
They are IPM(Inter Panel Module), PDM(Power Distribution Module), DDM(Drive Door Module), ADM(Assist Door Module), CLU(Cluster), PSM(Power Seat Module), SCM(Steering Control Module), SMK(Smart Key Module).
*¹ CAN (Controller Area Network) : CAN is serial bus communication type which links not only communication system but also control units each other.
*² LIN (Local Interconnect Network) : LIN is serial communication type which is used in electrical control system. (This is less expensive.) This code is outputted when IPM can’t receive data from SCM by CAN Line for 10 sec.

Возможная причина ошибки B1608
No receiving CAN Data owing to BUS OFF (Check CAN BUS ERROR DTC is being.)
IPM CAN High/Low Lines open together
Check SCM (Including the related fuses)
SCM CAN High/Low Lines open

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