B1406 Passenger Presence Detection Front-Passenger Defect

Описание ошибки B1406
General Description The side airbag system also includes an Passenger Presence Detection system (PPD). This system consists of sensors and PPDS unit in the front passenger’s seat bottom. The PPDS unit sends the signal to the SRS unit. If the PPDS unit determines that the front passenger is of small stature (for example, a child ) and the front passenger is leaning into the side airbag deployment path, the SRS unit will automatically disable the passenger’s side airbag. The SRS unit will also disable the airbag when the PPDS detects certain objects on the seat. When the side airbag will not deploy in a side impact. When the object is removed, or the passenger sits upright, the side airbag cutoff indicator will go off after a few seconds, alerting the driver that the passenger’s side airbag will deploy in a side impact. When unable to control SRS system due to interface fault in PPD system.

Возможная причина ошибки B1406
PPD sensor fault.
PPD unit fault.
faulty SRSCM.

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