P1652 IG выключатель — обрыв или короткое замыкание

Описание ошибки P1652
When the ignition switch is ON, the battery voltage is applied through the ignition switch and inhibitor switch to the ECM. Monitoring and after the ignition off operation are used to check different hardware functions. For ignition on the condition «monitoring» is valid and for ignition off the conditon «after ignition off operation» is valid. The condition «after ignition off operation» normally ends with shut-off of the main relay.
In case of the the ECM terminal No.58 signal failure, the symptoms such as the running enigne stall, starting impossible and main relay switch off immediately will occur.
If the signal exceeds threshold value, the ECM judges this as a fault and DTC is set.

Возможная причина ошибки P1652
Open or short to ground in power circuit
Short to ground in control circuit
Open in control circuit
Faulty relay
Faulty ECM

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