P1634 Water Heater Relay — Open or Short Curcuit

Описание ошибки P1634
The direct injection engine is characterised by improved thermodynamic efficiency compared to an indiret injection engine, due to the reduction in heat loss via the walls. The coolant is used by the passenger compartment heating system. In extream cold conditions, it is therefore difficult to reach a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment. To reduce the length of the increase in the temperature phase, vehicles powered by direct injection engines are fitted with heating resistors located directly in the cooling circuit. The electrical power of each water heater component is 300 W. The water heater relay coil is energized to turn on the relay switch, which activates the water heaters by the ECM, according to the signal of water temperature sensor. The ECM cuts the feed to the water heaters when the period determined by the map has expired or when the coolant temperature exceeds 65 °C. Supply may also be cut for a moment if the battery voltage drops below 10 V. If the signal exceeds threshold value, the ECM judges this as a fault and DTC is set.

Возможная причина ошибки P1634
Open or short in power circuit
Open or short in water heater relay control circuit
Faulty relay
Faulty ECM

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