P1327 Glow Relay — Open or Short Circuit

Описание ошибки P1327
The golw plugs are used to heat the inlet air and able to start the engine. This heating is necessary to allow the diesel fuel to ignite when the temperature low. The ECM controls the feed to preheating resistor via one relay. When the ignition switch is turned on, applies the battery voltage from the heater fuse to the ECM. The glow plug relay coil is energized to turn on the relay switch, which activates the glow plugs by the ECM, according to the signal of water temperature sensor. Feed faults are diagnosed by the ECM via the lines connected to the control terminal of the heater relay. The duration of preheating and illumination of glow indicator lamp are entirely controlled by the injection computer depending on the engine operating conditions.
In case of the glow plug relay failure, the symptoms such as the glow plugs deactivation and the engine starting delayed during the cold condition will occur.
If the signal exceeds threshold value, the ECM judges this as a fault and DTC is set.

Возможная причина ошибки P1327
Open or short to ground in power circuit
Short to ground in control circuit
Open in control circuit
Faulty relay
Faulty ECM

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