B1435 Side Airbag Rear-Passenger Resistance Circuit Short to Ground

Описание ошибки B1435
Rear Side Airbag (hereinafter referred to RSAB) is located in driver and passenger side rear seat.
It protects passenger’s head and shoulder in broad collision.
RSAB is consist of air bag and inflator.
Air bag reduces impact of collision by fillied up gas.
Inflator keeps gas and uses it to deploy air bag on collision. The SRSCM sets DTC B1435 if there is a short to ground in PRSAB harness.
*In this case, SRSCM checks if there’s any fault in circuit by sending current for a while.

Возможная причина ошибки B1435
Short to ground in PRSAB harness.
Poor connection of connected part.
Poor connection between shorting bar and release pin.
Faulty PRSAB.
Faulty SRSCM.

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